Collector’s tip: removing price stickers

I cringe every time I see a game in someone’s collection with the price sticker still attached.  Why do I hate price stickers so much?  Because they’re ugly, they indicate that the game was bought used (or “gutted”), and they serve no real purpose.  If you’re reading this and you still have price stickers on any of your games, PEEL THEM OFF NOW!  You don’t leave price tags on other things in your home, do you?  (At least I hope not.)

The easiest way to remove most stickers is to use a fingernail to lift a corner and then peel the sticker slowly off.  (Be careful – if you dig too hard with your fingernail, you could put a dent in the dust jacket.)  If one corner doesn’t work, try a different one.  For some of the more stubborn labels, the use of a blow dryer to warm the adhesive can sometimes help.

If the label leaves any sticky residue behind, there are two main courses of action you can take.  The first is to get an inch or two of masking tape and use that to try and peel off the residue.  This works about half of the time and has the benefit of being quick and easy.  If the residue still refuses to come off, however, you should consider using Goo Gone or some other specialty cleaning solution.  Apply a little with a soft cloth and it should do the trick.


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