Get cash back when you shop online with Big Crumbs!

When I first heard about Big Crumbs, I thought it was just another one of those referral programs where you have to jump through all sorts of hoops in order to claim meager cash rebates.  After I read the fine print, though, I realized it was something different, something better.  All you have to do is navigate to your favorite online retailer through their site and shop as usual, and you’ll get credited with cash back that you can collect every month.  There’s no spam, no credit card required, no surveys or offers to complete, and no minimum payout.  Just join, shop, and save – it’s that easy!

Do you ever buy anything off eBay?  With Big Crumbs, you can get cash back on all of your eBay purchases (and Half purchases as well).  Buying video games or electronics?  Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and even GameStop (through Barnes & Noble’s website) all offer around 3% back on your purchases.  How about a new computer?  Get cash back when you shop at Apple, Dell, Newegg, and others.  Other game-related sites include CompUSA, KB Toys, Blockbuster, Gamefly, PopCap Games, and Yahoo! Games, and some non-gaming sites include Gap, Old Navy, Office Max, Priceline, and Travelocity.

If you have friends or family who shop online, you can earn money on their purchases as well by referring them.  You typically get about 11% of whatever they earn, so for every $9 they get, you’ll get an extra $1.  It’s a win-win proposition for all parties involved, so I strongly encourage everyone to join.  If you feel like checking Big Crumbs out, you can click either the image at the top of this post or the link in the right-hand column of the blog.


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