Don’t throw away your old gaming magazines!

Are your old gaming magazines taking up too much space and collecting dust?  If so, consider one of the following options before dumping them in the trash.

Sell: If you have some particularly rare and/or collectible issues, it might be worth your time to sell them for a few quick bucks.  Generally speaking, though, there’s not much money to be made by selling old magazines.  You can’t use media mail to ship them (since media mail is not for items containing advertising, and that’s mostly what gaming magazines are), so shipping costs will eat into any possible profits very quickly.

Donate: Libraries, schools, churches, charities, shelters, and hospitals are all worthy places to donate your magazines that you don’t read anymore.  (Always ask before unloading a ton of mags, though.)  If you know someone who’s a doctor, dentist, or someone else with a waiting room in their office, they might be interested in supplementing their stash of old issues of Good Housekeeping, Time, and Popular Science.  You could even ask around your neighborhood or post an ad on Craigslist.  You’re sure to find someone who won’t say no to some free magazines.

Clip: This is for if you’re torn (no pun intended) between saving your magazines and getting rid of them.  Go through the magazines and cut out the articles that you want to save or you think you might read again.  If you want to keep a record of the magazines you own, you can save the covers and discard the rest.  Another thing you can do is clip out the ads for games you like.  These make great mini-posters to decorate your game room with.  (A quick note:  once a magazine has been clipped, it is no longer considered “readable.”  Donating clipped magazines is usually seen as offensive rather than generous.)

Recycle: Once you clip your magazines, or if you can’t get rid of them by other means, do your part for the environment and recycle them.  It’s up to you whether you want to use them as coasters or dump them in the blue bin, but don’t just trash them.


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