This blog is dedicated to all gamers who have an interest in building and improving their video game collections, particularly those who don’t typically consider themselves “collectors.”  Many of us aren’t interested in shelling out hundreds of dollars for a crappy game simply because it’s rare.  We just want fun, budget-friendly games that we can enjoy now and also enjoy later.

I first started playing video games in 1990 when I was just a tot, but I never consciously thought about building up my collection until 2003.  Over the next two years, my collection saw more than a tenfold increase in size, and yet my spending on video games actually decreased (hard to believe, but it’s true!).  Since then, the growth of my collection has tapered somewhat, but I continue to build and improve it without spending much money. 

Having scoured the net for resources geared towards gamers like myself and come up empty-handed, I decided it was time to fill that void.  Hence, this blog was born.  My goal is to reach out and help others take their video game collections to new levels, without breaking the bank.


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